Hospitality training

Best Hostess; the experienced hospitality trainingexpert with national and international expertise provides professional information.

Also guest lectures at schools.
Based on years of experience Best Hostess specialises the future generation.
A perfect step between education and employment. Our training help to make an excellent first impression, good for traineeships and new employers. During our training with practical examples we will learn the students what hospitality really means and we help to give a piece of self-confidence before they start at the new workplace.

The module Hospitality includes
– Hospitality & Communications
– Placement preparation and job interviews
– Posture and Movement
– Empathy
– Aggression Training
– Role-playing

This training can inter alia be used for the training Leisure & Hospitality, Catering, Hotel Management and Aviation Services.
Also customized Hospitality training.

“Our interactive lessons are given by trainers with practical experience. We make students aware of the importance of a professional attitude, self-confidence and appearance. Theoretical and practical knowledge: an inspiring combination for a flying start”

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