About Best Hostess

Reliable partner

Best Hostess is an experienced agency that deploys flexible staff for events and other commercial services. A reliable partner whose focus is on quality, customization and personal contact.

Quality and customization

Quality and customized solutions are of paramount importance to Best Hostess. Hostesses are strictly selected on specific usability, appearance, representation, communication and pro-activity. This process ensures that you, our client, has professional and appropriate personnel at your event, trade show or in your marketing campaign.

Certainty Reliability through experience

Best Hostess can boast a huge pool of experienced  which enable us to have an effective backup plan for each job – and this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Do you need a sudden replacement? Best Hostess can almost always provide a host within 24 hours tailored to your specific needs. Call or email us for a free quote.

Sincerely, Anouk and Wendy.